The Pasco Story

The Pasco FamilyOur business began in our kitchen in 1992 with four curry pastes that we supplied to our local curry house. Before we knew it word spread and we were supplying curry pastes up and down the country.

In 1995, we decided to create a retail range so everyone could enjoy the joys of authentic indian food and cooking in their own homes - trouble was everything on the market was mass produced and contained sayurated fats, E numbers, additives, preservatives, thick starches and far roo much water. From that day we made it our mission to create natural, honest flavours.

Five years later and after a lot of curry making we created a 100% natural cooking sauce that was free from additives, preseravtives, and was gluten free and authentic!

But that wasnot enough for us, we then decided to grow our own spices on our own farm plantations in India and work in partnership with farmers to allow us to be in control of the best spices and herbs from day one.

We realise that importing raw materails from India influences a large part of our carbon foorprint, which is why we only use sea cargo and never air cargo. To further reduce our carbon footprint andsupport our local environment we use the freshest cream, yogurht and vegetables from local Lancashire farmers.

You will notice that we don’t just manufacture Indian products,as the family has grown so has our range and our inspiration.

Our vision today is to bring a range of fresh and natural products made from the finest spices to the world. We believe that food in its purest state is the best tasting and most nutritious food there is, and we wish to share these values with you all.

  • 1992

    Started the business in our kitchen making curry bases for the local curry house.

  • 1994

    Set up our farm in India and moved to our first factory.

  • 1999

    Our business started to grow through word of mouth and we extended our range to manufacture English Condiments to the foodservice trade.

  • 2004

    Developed an all natural curry sauce without adding any nasty ingredients.

  • 2006

    Won 9 Great Taste Awards and started to stock our sauces in our local Asda store.

  • 2008

    Started supplying Tesco.

  • 2011

    Rebranded the Pasco brand.

  • Future

    To share our flavours with the whole world!

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